Ladestatthof in Neustift in Stubai valley

A farm with 650 years of history

Why don’t you have a look at our family tree? You will find it in the new building of Ladestatthof. The old Ladestatthof in Neustift was built by the Schmid family in the 14th century. Due to their poor living conditions the Schmid family had to leave the farm in the 16th century. Other families inhabited the old Ladestatthof until the 19th century. They earned their living as farmers, squires and coal miners.

In 1906 the great-grandfather of the current owner, Karl Pfurtscheller, bought tge property at an auction. From 1914 to 1952 his son, Karl's grandfather ran the old Ladestatthof and then handed it over to his son. The poor substance of the building needed renovation or had to be replaced by a new one. When Karl Pfurtscheller took over the farmhouse in 1979, he built a new farmhouse suitable to be used as a guesthouse, too.

Since then, further to agriculture the guesthouse has become the family’s main activity and source of income. In the course of the years, the guesthouse has been renovated and extended several times, a spa has been added in order to offer comfort and relax for your family holidays, farm holidays, skiing holidays, hiking holidays.

The name "Ladestatt" derives from the excellent position of the farm. In former times, hay and wood were taken down to the valley by hand by means of forest aisles. Then they were stored at the Ladestatthof until the farmers on the opposite side of the valley carried them to their farms by sledges or carriages drawn by horses.

Since 1924, the old Ladestatthof has had its own power and water system. Until 1980, the farm also included its own sawmill, cultivation of grain, a grain mill and a big baking oven, which the Pfurtscheller family needed to earn their living. Today, the fields have been transformed into meadows and pastures in order to produce hay for about 20 milk cows.

The New Ladestatthof
The New Ladestatthof