Dear guests,

in order to enable you to have a healthy holiday with us at Ladestatthof, we have taken appropriate measures for Covid prevention.

  • The 2G rule applies: All guests have to show a valid vaccination certificate or a confirmation of a COVID-19 illness.
  • We are a SAFE SERVICE® certified company with a Covid prevention concept and a Covid responsible person.

Additionally, we strive to implement the current Covid-19 recommendations of the WHO and the Austrian Federal Government for your safe vacation with us at Ladestatthof. Further information on the current measures can be found at the website of the Stubai Tirol Tourist Office.

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Tyrolean tourism relies on certified security - and we are there: We take our role as a responsible host and use the "SAFE SERVICE" learning app as a modern training tool for our employees. Our company has successfully completed the digital training on security topics such as protective measures, distance rules, hygiene or contactless customer experience. New regulations, for example on entry tests, guest registration and prevention concepts, are also part of the training. In the event of significant changes, the app notifies you directly via push notification on your mobile phone.

This is how we live SAFE SERVICE® internally and are always up-to-date on which preventive and safety measures have to be implemented for our guests. We also consciously show SAFE SERVICE to the outside world and make it clear that we are a SAFE SERVICE® company. In this way we do our part to make the region visible as a safe holiday destination.

Further information:


2G+ rule for entering austria

The 2G + rule applies for the entry into Austria (from December 20th, 2021): 2 x vaccinated / recovered + 3rd vaccination or PCR test (if not available on arrival, it is possible to have the PCR test on site (pharmacy or Gargle test), but the result can take more than 24 hours, people without a PCR test or booster vaccination must remaine in quarantine until a negative PCR test result is presented.)

The BOOSTER vaccination frees you from the PCR test!

Exceptions apply to children under 12 years of age, they do not require a 2-G detection or a PCR test. Exceptions also apply to school-age children; they can enter the country with a negative PCR test. Proof of the so-called “Ninja Pass” or “Holiday Ninja Pass” is also valid, details can be found here in the section “Regulations for children”.

Info page of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection

2G rule IN austria

The 2-G-rule is in force: proof of vaccination or recovery must be shown (Green Pass).

The 2-G-rule applies to all individuals over the age of 12. (Children up to the age of 12 are exempt.)

Vaccinated  recovered ⇒ GG (‘Geimpft’, ‘Genesen’)

The 2-G-rule applies in the following areas:

  • Gastronomy
  • Body-related services
  • Hotels and other accommodation
  • Leisure facilities (e.g. dance schools, zoos)
  • Cultural venues
  • Private sports facilities
  • Events
  • Trade fairs and public fairs, congresses
  • Coaches and excursion boats
  • Cable Cars 

The all-day exit restrictions remain in place for people without a valid 2-G certificate
Exceptions to the 2-G obligation are basic service facilities. But here, too, all customers must wear an FFP2 mask, e.g .:

  • public pharmacies
  • Grocery retailers and farm direct marketers
  • Drug stores and drug stores
  • Banks
  • Gas stations

the following applies for children

  • Children under the age of twelve are exempt from the requirement to submit proof of entry.
  • For not fully vaccinated and not recovered guest children and adolescents of school age (these are all school-age children and adolescents from 12 to 15 years who were born after August 31, 2006) there is the possibility of regular tests for the 2- Equal to G status. With two PCR and one antigen tests per week, all facilities can be used for which 2-G detection is required (accommodation, restaurant, mountain railways, etc.). PCR tests are valid for 72 hours and antigen tests are valid for 48 hours. There must always be a valid negative test result. The guest child can use the so-called “Holiday Ninja Pass” (information from the Federal Ministry). Here you will find all the details about the necessary tests. We recommend entering a negative PCR test result before arrival, as this is required at check-in at the accommodation (and children and adolescents who are not fully vaccinated or who have not recovered need a negative PCR test result upon arrival). The “Tirol gurgles” system is available for guest children who are already in the Stubai Valley (detailed information and registration at / tirol-tests / tirol-gurgelt /)

Testing options for guests

Corona tests of any kind (neither PCR nor antigen tests) are no longer acceptable as evidence for admission.

In the Stubai pharmacies PCR tests are offered for guests:

Pharmacy Neustift: Monday - Friday from 8.00-9.00 am and 5.30-6.30 pm / Saturday from 8.30-9.30 am 
Only with (early) registration - you can make this personally in the pharmacy, by phone (Tel. +43 5226 3100) or online (only AT) at

Pharmacy Fulpmes: Monday - Friday from 8.00-11.30 am and 3.30-6 pm / Saturday from 8.30-10.30 am
Only with registration - you can make this personally in the pharmacy, by telephone (Tel. +43 5225 62070) or online (only AT) at

Pharmacy Mieders: Monday - Friday from 8.00-12.30 am and 3.00-6.30 pm / Saturday from 8.00-12.00 am
Only with registration - you can do this in person at the pharmacy, by phone (Tel. +43 5225 63030) or online (only AT) at

The test evaluations can take 24 up to 27 hours at all pharmacies!!!

"Tirol gurgles"

PCR gargle tests are available in the following Stubai supermarkets and can be returned there:

Neustift im Stubaital   SPAR | Franz-Senn-Straße 93  SPAR | Stubaitalstraße 9 (from December 26: open on Sundays from 3.30 pm to 6 pm) Baguette | Stubaitalstraße 78
 Fulpmes Baguette | Mühlwiese 6 SPAR | Waldrasterstraße 2a (from December 26th: open on Sundays from 4 pm to 6 pm)
Telfes im Stubai SPAR | Franz-de-Paula-Penz Weg 24
Mieders SPAR | Dorfstraße 30
Schönberg SPAR | Dorfstraße 15

MASK wearing obligation

Compulsory wearing of FFP2 masks in the generally accessible indoor areas of restaurants and accommodation

  • The 2-G-rule is in force

FFP2 masks must be worn
! Please be sure to follow the instructions at the specific location.

  • Businesses
  • Public transport (
  • Cable cars and cogwheel railways (Attention! 2-G-rule for gastronomy/huts/alpine chalets/ski slopes, etc.)
  • Customer areas of "vital" business premises (food retail, pharmacies, banks and post offices)
  • Taxis
  • Medical facilities
  • While visiting public authorities
  • Wherever the recommended minimum distance of two metres from non-domestic persons cannot be observed


Gastronomy establishments are open:

  • Access is only permitted with valid 2-G proff = 2-G rule
  • Curfew at 11 pm
  • Obligation to register (contact data to be collected)
  • There is an FFP2 mask requirement in the generally accessible indoor areas of restaurans, except at the seat
  • Events in restaurants up to 25 people permitted
  • General ban on night gastronomy including après-ski
  • General ban on standing gastronomy
  • General ban on bar operations
  • Unvaccinated people can also pick up food and drinks. An FFP2 mask is mandatory


  • Access is only permitted with valid 2-G proof
  • There is an FFP2 mask requirement, except at the seat
  • Operators have to collect contact details
  • Events for up to 300 people permitted

Pure sales market
 (only sales of goods, food, drinks - no consumption, e.g. farmers' market):

  • Access is only permitted with valid 2-G proof
  • An FFP2 mask is required

Christmas markets etc .:

  • Access is only permitted with valid 2-G proof
  • An FFP2 mask is required
  • Collection of contact data

ACCOMMODATION establishments are OPEN

Accommodation establishments are open under the following conditions:

  • For entry into Austria, the 2G+ rule applies (from 20.12.2021).
  • In accommodation establishments the 2-G-rule is in force: proof of vaccination or recovery must be provided (Green Pass).
  • The 2-G-rule applies to all individuals over the age of 12. (Children up to the age of 12 are exempt.)
  • An FFP2 mask is required in the generally accessible indoor areas of the accommodation
  • Guests must register


Ski resorts and cable cars are open.

  • Cable car operators must check for a valid 2-G-certificate (vaccinated or recovered) for all guests over the age of 12.
  • The 2-G rule applies to all persons over the age of 12. (Children up to the age of twelve are exempt.) For children and young people between the ages of 12 and 15 (compulsory school age), the Ninja Pass (for school children in Austria) is treated as equivalent to the 2-G-proof and is therefore also valid as proof of access to the cable cars.

Indoor sports facilities are also open:

  • Access is only permitted with valid 2-G proof
  • There is an FFP2 mask requirement in all accessible areas. There is no need to wear a mask or keep a minimum distance during sport
  • Operators have to collect contact details
  • In the case of training, competitions and championship games, the regulations for meetings also apply
  • Please note the respective notices on site


All services can be offered and shops are open. An FFP2-mask must be worn.

For body-related services, the 2-G-rule applies. Proof of vaccination or recovery must be provided (Green Pass).


collecting contact details

The collection of contact details concerns operators of business premises

  • Gastronomy (incl. open-air restaurants),
  • Accommodation,
  • Sports venues,
  • Leisure facilities as well as
  • Persons responsible for gatherings

Data must be collected from all persons who are likely to be present at the event or venue in question for more than 15 minutes:

  • Name and surname
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (if one exists)